Marching Band Downloads Archive

Below you will find video and audio archives for past SUMB shows. These files are meant to be used for educational or review purposes only, and are intended for SUMB students and staff use only.

2023 Field Show: Fire

2022 Field Show

2021 Field Show: Together Again

2020 Virtual Performances: Making it Work

2019 Field Show: Gen Z

2018 Field Show: Number 1’s

2017 Field Show: Victorious

2016 Field Show: Women of Pop

2016 Pregame

2015 Field Show: Lets Dance

2015 Pregame

2014 Field Show: Back in Time

2014 Pregame

2013 Field Show: SU Anthems

2013 Pregame

2012 Field Show: We Will Rock You

2011 Field Show: The Inaugural Season

Drumline Beats: Various Years

Encore Tunes: Various Years

Stand Tunes: Various Years

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