Friday’s SUMB Rehearsal Information

Today’s rehearsal (Fri, Oct 14, 2011, 2-4pm) will be held in the GS Gym. Please remember you must be present in the gym for attendance @ 2pm to receive attendance credit and wearing proper attire (workout type clothes and tennis shoes). Attendance, participation and effort are all components of your grade and eligibility to receive the Participation Grant.

Today’s Goals are:
Review all stand tunes, stand beats and dances
Review all field show tunes and CG work (Let’s Get it Started, SU Fanfare, The Breakdown, Baba O’Riley, The Fight Song)
Review all drill, movement, body moves, CG work to SU Fanfare and Baba O’Riley

Saturday’s rehearsal and performance will be your Mid Term Exam. Saturday’s rehearsal time and area will be announced after today’s rehearsal.

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