2020 Section Leader Interviews

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Student Leader Application - 2020

Thank you for applying to be a Student Leader. A leadership position in our band is an honor and a privilege. Each candidate should exhibit the following qualities:

  • Exceptional performance abilities in instrumental, color guard or dance.
  • Outstanding verbal, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Positive attitude at ALL times.
  • Ability to be professionally accessible to peers and band admin.
  • Dedicated to being mentally engaged at all functions.
  • The ability to lead by example and motivate others.

Leadership Requirements

Each applicant must:

  • Complete this online questionnaire and participate in an interview with the directors (Please sign up using the form, below).
  • Have at least one full year of performance experience with the SU marching, pep and concert bands.
  • Demonstrate a pleasant demeanor, and have the respect of the band admin, staff and fellow band students. Incoming first year members are not eligible for leadership positions.

Interview and Audition Requirements

Each applicant must demonstrate:

  • Marching techniques (forward/backwards march, slide, etc.)
  • The ability to competently discuss your leadership skills and experience.
  • The ability to conduct required audition material, demonstrate proper conducting patterns and leadership abilities.
Wind Players
  • An excerpt from Marching Band, Pep Band or Concert Band that best represents your performance ability.
  • SU Rolls and Chords
  • Doubles/Scales
  • Fight Song and a 30 second original routine. Please bring your phone or audio player and speaker with you.
  • Across the Floors and a 30 second original routine. Please bring your phone or audio player and speaker with you.

Application Form

  • About You

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  • Enter your email address.
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  • Application Form

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  • Schedule a Section Leader Interview

    Everyone interested being a Student Leader must sign up now for the interview that will take place on February 21, 2020. The interview date will be February 21, 2019. Please choose your time slot below.
  • Online Questionnaire

    In the spaces below please answer the following questions.
  • Schedule an Interview

    Please Note: Once your application is received, Professor Lortz will contact you to schedule an interview
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